Online Sales Order, Product Management

Online Sales & Product Managementtransform your business

It's about time to ditch those paper order books, price lists, fax machines, directories and rolodexes! Goodbye to handwritten orders!

  • Write and receive orders on the iPad, iPhone and web

    Your entire product catalog and customer information with you at all times on your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone. You and your reps can write orders and have them automatically synced back to the office in real time!

    • Proven sales order management platform.
    • Very user friendly for you, your reps and back office staff.
    • Handles any size business and teams.

  • A beautiful digital catalog of all your products

    All your product information including high resolution photos, full product descriptions, prices, manufacturers and more, are categorized for easy viewing. Tap on a product and start an order instantly!

    • High definition product photos on the iPad's retina display looks stunning to say the least.
    • All the info your sales reps will ever need is just a touch away.

  • Customer intelligence in real time

    Your customer list at your fingertips, plus critical information like previous order history and favorite items so that you go into every appointment prepared.

    • Have a live overview of your entire business by seeing all orders along with their statuses. In a glance you'll knowwhich orders are open, confirmed, processing and complete.

  • Built for teams

    Everyone in your team is covered. Break down your customer list and orders by region. Assign visibility and control only to those who need it. You'll have complete control of your sales reps and any updates made will be pushed out in real time.

    • Reps can also leave notes on orders, keeping you in the know quite easily.

  • In depth, real time reporting

    Know exactly how much you're selling, what's popular, what's not so popular, learn more about your customers and discover alot of other incredibly interesting data, up to the minute. Drill down by item, region, rep and more.

  • Order management central, back in the office

    Powerful, user friendly website that is the mothership of all your inbound sales orders. Manage your whole team, all their orders and your product catalog online.

  • Connected to the core of your business

    Data re-entry is a pain, we'll have none of it. All your data can be directly synced or exported into your existing back office system, like Sage 50 (Peachtree), Quickbooks or a host of others systems for billing and shipping.

    • How does keying up hundreds of orders in seconds sound?

  • Put a shopping cart in your customer's inbox

    Send sales orders as web-editable quotes, allowing your customers to confirm orders in their own time. Buyers are emailed a link to your online personalized pitch. They review the quote, make changes, browse your entire catalog and approve. You'll then be notified and can start processing the new order.

  • Getting Advanced

    Advanced features like live inventory, warehouses, a customized interface to match your brand and more available.

    • Regular software upgrades are constantly rolled out with new and improved features, so your business keeps upgrading.
    • Join our evergrowing list of happy customers.

  • User friendly, rock solid, secure platform

    Usability is key. Enjoy an almost zero learning curve, smooth integration and lighting fast performance. You, your reps and back office staff will be seamlessly acquainted. Simple, hands-on, straightforward training will get them up and running in no time.

  • iOS in Business - Welcome to the Post-PC world

    The best platform for business. Easily. Apple's iOS platform delivers an experience that's simple, intuitive and engaging for business users while providing IT with a solid foundation for managing, deploying and securing data and the devices themselves with ease and efficiency. We securely deploy iOS devices into your business and show off other apps like Dropbox, Messaging and more to improve productivity and efficenty in other areas of your business. See some examples here.